Notre Dame, IN

On behalf of the student body at Notre Dame Law School, I would like to extend a congratulations to the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett on her recent nomination to the Supreme Court. Judge Barrett is an amazing professor, mentor, and jurist, and she would continue to serve our country honorably if appointed to the highest court on the land. I know I speak for students, both past and present, who are proud that a member of the Notre Dame Family has been selected for this high honor.

Judge Barrett is a pillar of the Notre Dame community. She graduated top of her class as a student, then after clerking for the Supreme Court, returned to Notre Dame and was awarded distinguished professor of the year by three separate classes. Even now, as she serves on the 7th Circuit, she remains committed to teaching at Notre Dame.

Judge Barrett will serve this country honorably as an upright and thoughtful Justice just as she has done as a judge and a professor. During her time on the bench, she has treated every case before her with openness, honesty, and fairness. And as a professor, she has treated every student with respect, kindness, and fostered an environment for intellectual growth. Judge Barrett encompasses the traits of a different kind of lawyer: principle, diligence, and dedication to her community.

Finally, no statement discussing the vacancy on the Supreme Court should be without proper acknowledgment and respect for the late Justice Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a titan in the law. She spent her entire life fighting for equality, women’s rights, and a more just society; first as a world class litigator and next as a Supreme Court Justice. Her impact on the law will be felt for generations to come. She demonstrated physical bravery, fighting her cancer while serving our country to the very end. Our thoughts and prayers continue to remain with her family.

For reasons completely out of her control, Judge Barrett’s confirmation is sure to be a contentious one. Public discourse is almost guaranteed to escalate to a fever point in one direction or another. I hope that Judge Barrett’s nomination is met with the same openness, honesty, and thoughtful deliberation that she extends to her students and cases.

On behalf of the student body at Notre Dame Law School, I am glad to congratulate the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett on her nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

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In Notre Dame,

Keith Ongeri