Dear Classmates,

We are delighted to serve as your 1L Representatives this year. The past few weeks have been full of excitement, hard work, and friendly new faces. While we are all going through the same exciting, overwhelming, and uncharted journey that is law school, we hope to use our new position of SBA Representatives to unite our class, listen to your concerns and ideas, and make this first year a little less daunting. We want to organize events where we can stress eat, mingle with friends who make us feel less overwhelmed, and remember that we are people first, law students second.

To help us move forward, we have identified some initiatives we hope to enact during the fall semester:

• Peers for 3 Years, Colleagues for Life

A sense of community will enrich our time as law students and serve our legal careers as well. While we may only be peers and classmates for the next three years, we will share a collegial bond that will stay with us well past graduation. We should be consoled in the fact that during our time together at Notre Dame Law School, as we engage in the work of our professional development, we do so together, as a community.

As your SBA Representatives, we will work with student groups, faculty, and staff to ensure that you are given every opportunity to grow together in this loving community. This includes intellectual activities, and, equally important, fun activities that will help us maintain a healthy study-life balance. Examples of these activities include:

  1. A “How to Outline” workshop that will be hosted around Fall Break
  2. Networking/social events off-campus at the Foundry and Overlook
  3. A murder-mystery Halloween party
  4. Chick-Fil-A in the Commons
  5. Late-night bingo (with prizes)
  6. A Christmas party

• A Voice for You

An integral part of our role as 1L Representatives is being your voice on issues relating to life at Notre Dame Law School. We shall work diligently to seek out and determine issues and concerns that you have and convey those concerns to the SBA. We’ve already heard a few of your concerns, and we are working on resolving these issues:

  1. We have contacted Crossings to get the menu for the week included with the MMU so students can plan accordingly.
  2. We are looking for chairs to put by the puzzle table in the library.
  3. We are decontaminating the fridges downstairs.

To facilitate further discussion and hear your questions and concerns, we will be hosting monthly lunch forums. Our first forum will be on Tuesday, September 25, at 12:30 p.m. in 1310 Biolchini. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! We are here to serve you.

Go Irish,

Bailey Hans |

Natalie Piazza |

Ryan Stevens |