Notre Dame, IN

When many of us arrived at the beginning of the school year, we returned to a new normal that had not occurred for the last two years. We struggled to remember what life was like at the law school pre-pandemic. Still, over the last year, we have been able to restore many law school traditions, while also creating our own. We saw the return of Fall Ball, Spirit Week, Fr. Mike, Bowling League, and Barristers. We also created new events such as the SBA Community Town Hall, Interfaith Dinner, and DEI Roundtables. As this eventful schoolyear comes to an end, I would like to say my word of farewell as your SBA President.

To the Class of 2022, look at how far we have come. We have made it through some of the most difficult years in recent memory. We have survived a pandemic, zoom cold calls, GroupMe, and three Midwestern winters. Over the last three years, we have learned priceless life lessons and have grown as strong, resilient lawyers. I look forward to the amazing impact that we all will make on our communities as we enter the legal field. To the LLMs and JSDs, I commend you on the impact that you have made on NDLS during your time here. I recognize that many of you have the added challenge of learning the law in a completely different language, and yet you still make the time to contribute to our NDLS community.

To those returning in the fall, it gets better, I promise! To the Class of 2024, you have made it through what is arguably the toughest time of law school. I ask that you treasure your time here at NDLS. Appreciate the beautiful autumns, visit the staff at the CDO, and run for that leadership position. To the Class of 2023, you are now the forerunners that everyone will be looking up to in the law school. Enjoy your last year at NDLS and check off those items on your bucket list. I wish the best to the incoming SBA leadership and have full confidence that they will build upon this past year and lead the law students with excellence.

To the faculty and staff, thank you for supporting us law students. I appreciate your patience, instruction, mentorship, and kindness. Your commitment to our personal and professional development is priceless. I sincerely believe that the faculty and staff at NDLS are some of the best in the nation. From our administrative assistants, to the CDO and Student Services, and to our faculty, you have all left a mark on our experience at NDLS.

Stephanie Wong

President, Student Bar Association 2021-2022