Welcome FROM SBA PRESIDENT Joshua Mannery

Posted by Grace Akin, Communications Liaison
August 23, 2023


Notre Dame, IN

Dear NDLS,

A warm welcome to all of NDLS from the Student Bar Association. For my fellow 3Ls, time truly does fly when you’re having fun. 2Ls, congratulations on another year back under the Dome. And for the first-year students—1Ls, transfers, and international students alike—we are all thrilled you chose to pursue your legal education here at Notre Dame. My name is Joshua Mannery, and to our students old and new, I will be serving as the President of the SBA this year.

Our law school has evolved significantly over the past few years. In the wake of historic diversity numbers, a global pandemic, modifications to our faculty and staff, and the introduction of numerous new student organizations, a lot sure has changed. For this SBA administration, we’ve grappled with how this student government will respond to these changes. After much thought, we’re happy to confirm that while we will continue to deliver our big traditions, including Fall Ball, Spirit Week, Fr. Mike, Bowling League, and Barristers, we would be doing this student body a disservice if we failed to grow alongside NDLS. This year, we will be exploring new forms of advocacy, programming, and relationship-building with and for our students! The best is ahead of us, and it starts now.

SBA is the student government of NDLS, and all students are considered members. While we do have an Executive Board and Cabinet of student leaders working to help plan and organize, we are looking forward to each law student being an active member in the SBA. There will be one large lunch meeting each month (starting today!) in which we invite all law students to attend and learn about what is going on in the school that month. Look for more information about this on our website or the Monday Morning Update (MMU) email.

This year, our estimable group of student leaders are energized to deliver a year full of fun and community-building. We are all first and foremost here to enhance our legal education, but here at NDLS, we have a little fun along the way. From studying for the bar on Thursdays and Fall Ball to intramural sports and fellowshipping before the glorious Fighting Irish football games, we hope to enhance each law student’s three years spent in South Bend. If nothing else, our Merchandise Committee will ensure everyone is sporting the newest NDLS apparel.

Law school can be a stressful period for many students—we are looking forward to putting students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being front and center this year. Fr. Bill Dailey and Stella Miller are both here to support us during this three-year journey, so please do not hesitate to contact them. The Student Services team and the Career Development Office are resources as always, and Max Gaston continues to help cultivate a more inclusive and welcoming NDLS for all! Furthermore, the SBA Mental Health and Wellness Committee has some energizing school-wide programming queued up to support the student body throughout the semester.

This school year, we have a chance to redefine what the student experience looks like at NLDS. The challenge ahead of us this semester is daunting, but I know Notre Dame is up to the task. I am beyond confident this year is going to be one of the best for NDLS yet.The collective ingenuity, foresight, and compassion in the Notre Dame community will see us through. As we begin this upcoming year, I have no doubt that Notre Dame Law School will be ready. And so will the SBA.

Please feel free to contact me (jmannery@nd.edu) or our Vice President, Jeremy Danzell (jdanzell@nd.edu), should you ever have any questions or concerns.

Devotedly Yours,

Joshua Mannery