Notre Dame, IN

A warm welcome to NDLS from the Student Bar Association. For my fellow 3Ls, we did it! 2Ls, welcome back under the Dome. And to our incoming 1Ls and international students, we are all excited to have you begin your legal journey here at Notre Dame. My name is Stephanie Wong, and I will be serving as the President of the SBA this year.

We all have been through unbelievable experiences this last year and a half. Last year, we did not have any in-person events and law students went without the annual Fall Ball and Barristers. The 1Ls struggled with acclimating to law school and attempted to make connections with each other while always wearing masks and social-distanced in their classrooms. Weekly testing and online classes became the norm for the Notre Dame student body.

This year, we are hopeful as the campus and world slowly return to “normal.” As we adjust to a new routine, we need our neighbors more than ever. SBA plans to do its part. Everyone is a member of the SBA. While we do have an Executive Board and Cabinet of student leaders working to plan and organize, we are looking forward to each law student being an active member in the SBA.

There will once again be monthly lunch meetings in which we invite all law students to attend and learn about what is going on in the school. Look for more information about this on our website or the Monday Morning Update (MMU) email.

We are all first and foremost here to receive our JDs, but here at NDLS, we have a little fun along the way. From social events such as tailgates to sponsoring renowned academic speakers, we hope to enhance each law student’s three years spent in South Bend. From our Merchandise Committee, who will ensure everyone is sporting the newest NDLS apparel, to our Spirit Committee, who will remind us to celebrate the special qualities about our school.

Law school is a stressful experience for many students—we are putting students’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing front and center this year. Fr. Bill Dailey and Stella Miller are both here to support us during this three-year journey. I encourage you to contact them and to take advantage of the resources we have created, such as the Mental Health and Wellness Committee.

Whatever this semester brings, let it not be said that the Irish went down without a fight. I am beyond confident this year is going to be one of the best for NDLS yet. The collective ingenuity, foresight, and compassion in the Notre Dame community will see us through. As we ready ourselves for the upcoming year, I have no doubt that Notre Dame Law School will be ready. And so will the SBA.

Stephanie Wong